September 29, 2013

More Librarian E-Cards

Here's many more Librarian E-Cards for your enjoyment.  Follow me on Pinterest!
Yes....this is soooooo me!

Season #2 - Behind the Paws

A student is working on the anchor's script with my co-worker, Mr. Brown
 The new season of 'Behind the Paws" student news program will debuting later this week. (view season 1 episodes at:   This year, I decided to have the students create commercial break slides using the Pages app for iPad.  I'm so proud of them!  These students have really worked hard on slides announcing holidays, school events and of course, Homecoming Week activities.  Enjoy the images below.

A Shameless Plug

I'm LOVING my library inspired Wrist Candy!  This little bracelet was created and designed by teen author Ni-Ni Simone.   Did I mention, her new book for teens will be released in November?  I students are crazy about her books.  Check out her website -
Here's my fellow librarian Sharon's Wrist Candy
 ...and my friend Karen's, who happens to be a HUGE Chicago Bears fan.

September 23, 2013

My Avid Reader

     This is Davion a high energy and a voracious reader.  I will never forget the first time I met him.  It was August and he was a freshman student excited about attending high school.  He came into the library media center with a laundry list of Street Lit. titles...some I had not even heard of.  It is Davion that I credit for changing my policy on students checking out adult Street Lit. books.  

    Until I met Davion, I only circulated the books to my juniors and seniors.  I wanted to guide my freshman and sophomore students into reading young adult books that they had not been exposed to in grammar school.  Davion like other students that year really challenged me.  They had read Street Lit. young adult books while enrolled in grammar school and they wanted to read the adult versions.  I couldn't tell them no, so my principal and I devised a plan for the circulation of the books with the parent's permission.

    I've experienced much criticism for circulating the adult titles to teens.  The interesting thing is the parents support the circulation and they read the books too.  Since implementing this, I've had less than a handful of parents that have rejected it.  At the end of the day, literacy is spread in the home and the student enjoys reading a good book.

     In part 2 of 'Conversations at the Circulation Desk' sophomore student Davion describes why he enjoys using eReaders, participating in the Phillips book club and shares some of his favorite books.  If you would like to view part one of the series, just click the link provided below.
Conversations from the Circulation Desk, part 1 - 

September 22, 2013

Apps for Research

I'm really excited.  Gale has an app for iPhone/iPad and Android for their databases.  So that I won't be repeating myself a million times after database orientation, I created a short tutorial in iMovie for the students.   I just hope they will find the mobile app to be a helpful tool when working on research papers/projects this year. 

September 19, 2013


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VINE @Phillips HS

     I'm trying my best to get my students to be creative when using social media.  Today I had a discussion with a group of seniors who use the popular social media site, VINE.  Instead of producing the typical slapstick VINE video, I instead encouraged them to create one about the library media center.

     Below is the video that the seniors produced called, "The Whisper Song"  (no....not the Ying Yang Twins version...LOL!)  It's fun and just plain silly.  They are reading Hype Hair magazine,  trying to keep a level 1 voice...while one sings 'Whisper' in a church voice.

Just laugh, they are only 17 years old, it's social media and they are having fun.

We are just beginning to post to VINE.  My ultimate dream is to have my students produce VINE videos like my Twitter pal, Jodi Morgetron.  Check out her blog post about VINE-VIMEO and MacBeth on her blog, .


Flipped Math Classes

This is a repost of a "Behind the Paws" episode where the students interviewed my wonderful co-worker about her Flipped Math class.  The interview begins at the 6:43 mark in the show.  You can view a short internet pathfinder below that is full of information about flipped math classes in high school.


"Behind the Paws" S1 E5 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

Flipped Math Class Internet Pathfinder
Compiled by KC Boyd, M.L.S., M.A., M.Ed.

Websites/Google Sites
DMS Flipped Math

Byron High School Math Department

PSD Schools

Google Doc

Flipping Math Blog -

Math With McCarthy Blog -

Flipped Learning Journal

Jon Bergmann

Internet Groups
The Flipped Classroom

Schoology Group


Academic Articles/Journals
Flipped Classroom:  Pro and Con

Research Says/Evidence On Flipped Classrooms Is Still Coming In

The Flipped Classroom Boosts Grades 5%.  Why That’s As Big As We Can Expect

5 Flipped Classroom Issues (And Solutions.) For Teachers

September 12, 2013

Bluford Series Go Readers!

     I just loooooovvvvve Paul Langan, author of the popular Bluford Series for pre-teens and teens. He has cleverly created a audiobook player called Go Reader.  Each volume contains five novels in the popular Bluford series and is a must buy for your library media center program.  This is great because my reluctant/struggling readers can enjoy the twenty books in this wonderful series with their classmates.  So far, the students absolutely love the Go Readers!   #BossLibrarianChronicles#libraries #librarians

Student ID Woes

     I can't wait until the students receive their ID's.  Right now I'm using the old sign in sheet system and it's driving me nuts.  I didn't want to delay lunchtime gaming so I began circulating iPads two weeks ago.  So far the kids are having a ball enjoying their 20 minute free period/lunch.  If my students want to 'Game' on my Library Media Center iPads during their lunch period, they are either giving up their cell phone or their book bag.  I'm not playing this year.  
#libraries #librarians #tlchat #elearning

September 2, 2013

Conversations At The Circulation Desk

I've served numerous communities as school librarian for Chicago Public Schools for a number of years.  During this time I have heard stories that would make you cry, have had conversations that will raise an eyebrow and have heard stories that will just crack you up.   My students at my current school often times come in the Library Media Center and address me as 'Ma'.  (RANT - I blame my principal who started calling me 'Mama Boyd' in front of the children...LOL!)  I used to really trip out of this 'term of endearment',  but now I take this in stride.   In all of the years I have taught, I've learned one major thing about teens:  the will not share personal information with you if they do not like you.  #RealTalk

Conversations At The Circulation Desk is a new video series that I have created that celebrates the teen mind.  Videos shared through this series feature some of my students and the funny and prolific things that they say.  All students who appear in this video series have approved the use of their image and have had their parent sign a media release form for the school.   I'm a little late posting this video. I actually started taping this series in June and got sidetracked with other projects.  In this first episode, Junior student Rebeca talks about why teens enjoy reading Street Literature.   I hope you will enjoy what she says.

Pinterest & School Librarians

Pinterest is my relaxing 'after work' activity.  Simply put, Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.  In my case it can range from libraries/reading to make-up and anything just depends on what kind of mood I am in.  

I began using Pinterest last year after attending the CPS iPad Academy Technology Conference.   I met some teachers from Wisconsin who were heavy 'pinners' and they encouraged me to try it the popular site.  I've been hooked ever since.  I have this app on my cell phone, iPad and desktop computer.  

The really cool thing is that there is a large school library community on Pinterest.  This has been extremely helpful to me because I'm always looking to expand my Personal Learning Network beyond blogging.  This year, Pinterest has helped me improve my library displays.  Check out two of my boards, Library Displays and Library Bulletin Boards on my Pinterest page.  These pages influence the displays and bulletin boards below.
That's real popcorn glued to a piece of paper
Very simple displays, baskets from the dollar store
People often think I'm only familiar with Street Literature.  Not true!
School information infused with e-cards
My alma mater Southern University and A&M College in Louisiana
Making use of my wig stand from home!

My students love the Chicago Bears
This display is important.  Some of my freshman students did not have the experience of working
with a Librarian while enrolled in elementary school.  These pictures of me with popular
 authors, social media and pro library signage really helps.
I finally made use of the electronic picture frame that was given to me five years ago!!!
This is my little LOVE display next to the front door.