August 22, 2013

Chicago Library Media Specialists Rock!

Here's some pictures from today's 'Librarian Back to School Professional Development Day"  It was great seeing my Library Media Specialists colleagues, learning new strategies, embracing technology and preparing for common core.
Some of the Session Descriptions
Library Media Specialists from across the city hear greetings
from the Department of Libraries staff members
The CPS Library Media Specialist Hashtag:  #cpslib

Tim McHugh from Saddleback Publications
traveled from California to participate in today's event.

Chicago author PJ Gray presented on crutches!
One of my recommended book series of 2013:
"Coming Home" by PJ Gray
Library Media Specialists received
free books from Saddleback Publications 
Library Media Specialists enjoyed a vendor fair.
Our friend, Keith Morgan, World Book is pictured above.
Kevin Walsh from Children's Plus says, "It was a great day!"

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