June 27, 2012

Adventures With iMovie

The last three weeks of school were really hectic!  The following posts over the next week are projects and activities that took place in the Library Media Center prior to the end of school.   Enjoy!

iMovie Service Learning Projects
After much trial and several errors, I finally got the iMovie app synced on the iPads...Yay!  This was a huge relief for me as I had set a goal of working with several classes during the end of the year project rush.  Overall, using iMovie was a really good learning experience.  After making and learning from numerous mistakes, I am now well prepared to use this popular app more effectively with my classes this fall.
For this project, I collaborated with National Board Certified Teacher Amber Henderson to complete a end of the year project with her students.  The Service Learning Project centered around the subject of teen drinking and driving.  The students research for two weeks, collected information from the S.A.D.D. website and other educational resources.  Through this research, the students learned the definition, causes and consequences of drinking and driving.  The students also delivered a survey to their peers ages 14-19 to determine the attitudes about drinking and driving.  Through this data collection and research, the students selected topics to create a script and perform their public service announcement.  The goal of this project was to educate their classmates about the consequences of drinking and driving.  

The links below will re-direct you to the school's Vimeo page.  The students were quite creative with their presentations, I hope you will enjoy them all.

Service Learning Videos

Henderson PSA Project B from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

Henderson PSA Project A from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

June 7, 2012

Phillips HS NOOK Book Club

Recently a staff member from, the Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries and Information Services visited one of my book club meetings.   During the visit, the staff member videotaped and interviewed the students about their use of their school issued  NOOKs.  It was really interesting to hear the students speak so candidly and honestly about their reading interests.

To participate in the club, the students and parents had to sign a contract.  The parents granted their child permission to read books within the Street Lit. genre and agreed to replace the device if damaged, lost or stolen.  Overall, the students have had a good time and have really enjoyed reading the selections provided.   I also learned in some of the households when the student has finished reading the book, they have shared the device with a family member to read and enjoy.   I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel as a librarian.

In the video, the students are discussing a book written by Ashley & JaQuavis called, "Murder Mamas,"  and students are receiving personal copies of teen author Ni-Ni Simone's books.    Overall, the book club has been a great success and I can't wait to invite more students to participate next year.

Enjoy the video!