August 26, 2013

Library Orientation Video

Just pulled this Flocabulary video off of my Pinterest page.  I do believe this video will get the attention of my freshman students during orientation of the Library Media Center.  Enjoy!

August 22, 2013

Chicago Library Media Specialists Rock!

Here's some pictures from today's 'Librarian Back to School Professional Development Day"  It was great seeing my Library Media Specialists colleagues, learning new strategies, embracing technology and preparing for common core.
Some of the Session Descriptions
Library Media Specialists from across the city hear greetings
from the Department of Libraries staff members
The CPS Library Media Specialist Hashtag:  #cpslib

Tim McHugh from Saddleback Publications
traveled from California to participate in today's event.

Chicago author PJ Gray presented on crutches!
One of my recommended book series of 2013:
"Coming Home" by PJ Gray
Library Media Specialists received
free books from Saddleback Publications 
Library Media Specialists enjoyed a vendor fair.
Our friend, Keith Morgan, World Book is pictured above.
Kevin Walsh from Children's Plus says, "It was a great day!"

2013-2014 LMC Orientation

Here's my teacher orientation presentation I shared with my teachers yesterday.

Weebly It Is!

I am DONE with my old library can kick rocks!

I've decided to try Weebly after hearing rave reviews from my colleague at Brooks College Prep .  So far, Weebly has lived up to all I've heard.  Uploading content, template options (I did opt to pay for the extras on the site) and the overall look of the site has been great.  I'm still uploading content but here's a sneak preview.

The Phillips Library Media Center Website - 
The Phillips Library Media Center Website

Are You A Champion?

Whenever I get frustrated, I watch this Ted Talk video. The late Rita Pierson BREAKS IT DOWN! If you need to be rejuvenated, watch this video and read this wonderful tribute to this respected educator.

Rita F. Pierson, "Every Kids Needs A Champion"

Visit from Saddleback Publishing

     Today my teachers and I were treated to a very special guest.  Tim McHugh of Saddleback Publications attended the Phillips High School 'Back to School PD."  He fit right in with my co-workers and participated in the ice-breaker activity!  The theme for today's PD was Media, Literacy and Tech. Savvy Day and his contribution was ON POINT.  He gave a really insightful presentation on struggling readers and shared Saddleback's long history/commitment for providing quality reading material for K-12 education.  Content shared really encouraged the teachers to work harder to connect students to reading material that they can relate to.

Here's a couple of pictures from the day.
Tim McHugh, Saddleback Publications
Cool Presentation!
Phillips teaching staff

August 17, 2013

Falling In Love With eCards

I've fallen in love with eCards this summer.  In some cases, I've made my own.  Check out some of my favorites from my Pinterest page.

August 12, 2013

Featured Speaker: CPS iPad Academy

I will be a featured speaker at the upcoming CPS iPad Academy.  Please enjoy my presentation below.

Also log onto the #CPSiPad hashtag to view live feeds from the day's conference.

LMC Signage: Ms Boyd's Ten Commandments

Sometimes traditional Library Media Center signage doesn't work for your program.  I learned this lesson a long time ago.   I stopped purchasing posters from the teacher's stores and began making my own.  Here's two examples of a new poster and a oldie but goodie.   These signs come in handy because like most teachers, I hate repeating myself and I just point.  Thanks Tamela for making sure I didn't 'go there' with my latest sign....LOL!

Here's the oldie but goodie....

Making A Change: Twitter

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Phillips Recruitment Video


Here's a Spring 2013 Recruitment video me and a couple of students produced earlier this year.  The video was shown to potential students during the spring recruitment visits our Admissions Department conducted.   The video (photographs and video) was shot on iPads.

So proud of the narrator Tangela, she's such a nice young lady and the #1 ranked Junior.

2013 Spring Elementary School Recruitment Video from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

Phillips Wins!

     Wendell Phillips Academy High School has been awarded the 2013 Chicago Public Schools 'Spotlight on Technology Award'!  The award was given during the CPS Leadership Technology Summit is the ”Spotlight on Technology” Award.  This year’s award honored four exemplary school-based educational technology programs in Chicago Public School. The schools were recognized for visionary leadership to support program development, use of educational technology to promote standard-based learning, innovative uses of technology for instruction and assessment, documented student engagement and motivation, adaptability to meet the needs of all students, high levels of replicability and sustainability, and connections beyond the classroom. 

     Phillips High School was recognized for their ”Behind the Paws” student news program. This program targets the students, faculty/staff, and Phillips support community. Students, otherwise known as crew members, create newsworthy stories that document activities that take place at the school. Crew members serve as anchors, reporters, script writers, sound technicians, set designers, and video editors of this popular weekly program. These students also use a host of technologies, such as iPads, MacBook Pro, and an iPad Spark Digital Microphone, along with the LMC Promethean Board to produce this show. Crew members meet weekly to critique shows/projects and create new meaningful ones. 

Behind the Paws - S1 E14 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

     The ”Behind the Paws” crew members also provide technology assistance for classroom teachers. Crew members assist in highlighting special projects such as classroom lessons/units, assisting with service learning projects, and creating weekly public service announcements on a number of topics. The crew members are also responsible for maintaining a Twitter account, @PhillipsHSBTP.   Phillips is very proud to receive this award!