April 19, 2012

NOOKs in the Classroom - Part I

The day has finally come.  The NOOK Simple Touch e-Readers were introduced Ms Tillman's reading classes.  These students were selected because they are interested in reading books within the Street Literature genre.  The students are especially excited to be the first class at Phillips to use the NOOKs.   The NOOKs were awarded to the Phillips Library through the Chicago Public Schools Dept. of Libraries and Information Services VITAL Grant.  The Phillips library was one in five high school libraries in the district that was awarded this grant.

During the class period, they learned the nuts-and-bolts of handling the devices and etiquette during class.   The students used the Quick Nav Button to access the home screen and library then learned how to swipe and use the side buttons to turn pages.  The students really liked the note taking and built in dictionary feature and want to use them during class discussions.  According to the students, they said these features were, "fly", which means really good!

Ms Tillman and I were really impressed by the students in her 8th period class.  They suggested that they could compare and contrast notes taken by previous classes that had read the same chapters.  I suspect they would like to make this a 'mini' competition between classes.  I'm anxious to see how this will develop over time!   The highlight of the period was when the students read and discussed an excerpt from K'Wan's book, "The Leak."   The class period ended with a lively discussion on how the student's feedback will be valued by Ms Tillman and I.

Take a look at the pictures below of the class periods from yesterday and check back from time to time to see how we progress.

The students learn that their hands must be clean before using the NOOKs.
Ms Boyd uses a ELMO and Promethian board to demonstrate how to use the NOOKs
Reading Teacher Ms Tillman ensures that students are locating the correct book.
This student uses the library menu to locate "The Leak" by K'wan.
Students following along during class.
Ms Tillman demonstrates how to use the page turn buttons on the NOOKs.
This student is participating in SSR.
Ms Boyd assists students that need help.
This student is one of my avid Street Lit. readers.  His favorite author is Sista Souljah.
Ms Tillman's 8th period class.  These boys can't wait to start reading and discussing 'The Leak" this Friday.  Special thanks to Mrs. Jones who took this picture!


  1. This is fantastic. Your students look engaged in the reading and happy.

    And your library looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you Katie. I look forward to meeting you soon!

  3. This looks great! And does the projector work with the nook?!?!

    I'm going to forward this up to my higher ups-this is great!
    Thanks K.C.!!

  4. Hi Dena Jo,

    I used a Document Camera (ELMO) to project the demonstration of NOOKs during the class period. The ELMO connects directly to your LCD Projector and is a wonderful addition to your instructional program, especially for demonstrations and read alouds.
    Often times Document Cameras and LCD Projectors are sold together in bundles. This will save you money. (please keep in mind that since I was demonstrating in the classroom in this post, I used the teacher's Promethian Board) Check out their website: http://www.elmousa.com/ Good luck to you!