April 13, 2012

Get Ready, Get Set, READ!

Yesterday the NOOK Street Lit. Book Club at Phillips met for the very first time.   The NOOKs were purchased through a VITAL Grant that was awarded to the Library Media Center earlier this year.  The students were selected because of their love of the Street Lit. genre and willingness to participate in a weekly discussion about the selected books.  During the first meeting, the students received a brief tutorial about the use of the device and reviewed the three required readings for the week.  One of the books that they will be discussing is, "The Leak" by K'wan.  The meeting wrapped up with the students planning a 'healthy' menu of fruits and vegetables for the next club meeting.

The pictures below describe the students excitement about using the NOOKs.  Stay tuned for another update from the NOOK Street Lit. Book Club.

Notice how my students can multi-task

I can figure this out!

We have three books to read!

We are reading 'The Leak' by K'wan!
I'm going to read these books by Monday!