April 12, 2012

Just Try!

*Please note:  To protect the privacy of my student in this article, she will be called Tammie.  

Sometimes my students can give up before they even try.  An example of this is *Tammie, a senior who had to use the library iPad for the very first time.

Over the past week, her teacher and I showed her class iPad basics and how to use the app, Screen Chomp.  Today, Tammie had to complete her Screen  Chomp describing 'her' America.  This activity is part of a larger unit for a Urban Studies class at Phillips.  The students read the book, "Our America:  Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago," with their teacher and created an interactive poster, Glogster.   At first Tammie grumbled and told me, "I feel stupid!  I'm talking to a iPad."  I told her just try it, take some baby steps then move on to the bigger steps.  With a frown on her face, she ventured off into a quiet area of the library and began her recording.

Twenty minutes later, she came back to the circ desk smiling.  Tammie had made her first recording, colored highlights and all.  She said that she wanted to take more pictures of her neighborhood over the weekend and re-record her Screen Chomp on Monday when school resumes.  Once again, the use of a iPad has swayed even the most reluctant student to participate in a class activity.

View Tammie's Screen Chomp - http://www.screenchomp.com/t/Q1JqIakAGZ

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