December 22, 2012

New Equipment!

Blue Spark Digital Microphone for the iPad
     I received good news this week, the new equipment that was requested has arrived. Since owning an iPad, I've noticed the sound quality can be quite crappy. Yes, I said it. Now that my students are really getting into the groove with interviewing, I really want to capture sound without distortion.

     My co-worker, Mr. Brown found the Blue Spark Digital Microphone on the Apple Store. I can't wait for January 7th to come so we can use it for the first time.  Now, the next thing I need to work on is a iPad light for low light situations.  Any suggestions?  You can see what I mean by viewing the latest episode of "Behind the Paws."  It was great to capture the students performances at the recent Holiday Extravaganza assembly but I just wish the auditorium had better lighting and the iPad sound/picture was better. Am I pushing the limits of this device? Maybe so, but I'm such a critic of my work!  
      Here's the latest episode of "Behind the Paws."

"Behind the Paws: Holiday Edition" - S1 E3 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

December 6, 2012

Season's Greetings!

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Holiday Greetings from the 
Behind the Paws Student News Program!

In this episode of "Behind the Paws," the students shot videos for:
- VIP Member Luncheon (student interviews)
- Upcoming Phillips Talent Show
- Preparations for the Upcoming Holiday Extravaganza Assembly (Ms Alexander and Ms Kamysz)
- Chicago Elite Classic Basketball Games (Mr. Briggs and Kenyon)
- World AIDS Day Celebrations (Mrs. Taylor)
- Holiday Greetings (several staff members)

I cannot tell you how proud Mr. Brown and I are of these students.   Please when you have a chance, please watch the video below and compliment them on their Twitter page @PhillipsHSBTP.  Enjoy the holiday music and until next time.

"Behind the Paws" - S1 E2 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

December 2, 2012

It's Official

It's official:  The Behind the Paws News Crew has a Twitter page!  Follow my students and keep up with all of their stories as they relate to exploring the world of television production.

Below are a couple of tweets the students have posted over the last couple of days.  Many teachers have been so nice and have complimented the students on their work.   One of the students sent a lovely tweet about the Library Media Center.... #Wonderful!