December 22, 2012

New Equipment!

Blue Spark Digital Microphone for the iPad
     I received good news this week, the new equipment that was requested has arrived. Since owning an iPad, I've noticed the sound quality can be quite crappy. Yes, I said it. Now that my students are really getting into the groove with interviewing, I really want to capture sound without distortion.

     My co-worker, Mr. Brown found the Blue Spark Digital Microphone on the Apple Store. I can't wait for January 7th to come so we can use it for the first time.  Now, the next thing I need to work on is a iPad light for low light situations.  Any suggestions?  You can see what I mean by viewing the latest episode of "Behind the Paws."  It was great to capture the students performances at the recent Holiday Extravaganza assembly but I just wish the auditorium had better lighting and the iPad sound/picture was better. Am I pushing the limits of this device? Maybe so, but I'm such a critic of my work!  
      Here's the latest episode of "Behind the Paws."

"Behind the Paws: Holiday Edition" - S1 E3 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

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  1. I found this kit ( on Amazon just by searching "video lighting kit." You might also want to check with one of the schools in our Chicagoland TV educators group: Kelly should also be on that list.