April 26, 2012

The iPads Are Here!

The iPads are here!  Oh happy day... right?  After the excitement wears down, reality creeps in:  how do I manage these devices?  After much reading and research, I developed a plan to manage my iPads for my high school library program.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be working with Reading, Geometry, AVID, Urban Studies and Chemistry teachers.  I've already identified apps to use with the students.  But first things first, I needed to set up my iPads in a systematic manner that would be effective.  Most importantly, a set up that would not interfere with the normal 'flow' of the teacher's class period.
The following pictures and captions describe what I have done since receiving the devices last week. Though these plans are not etched in stone, I feel it's a good start.  As the students, teachers and I use these devices over the next couple of weeks, I will be compiling a list of 'what's working and what's not working.'  Wish me luck!
The syncing cart has 30 slots for iPads and enough room to store a laptop and some NOOK e-Readers.

Each slot is numbered and has it's own charge/sync cable. 
(look at how each number is etched in the metal surface)
The cart can be secured by using a combination pad 
lock that is included with the purchase of the cart.

This is what the iPad looks like when it's powered up for the first time!

After going through a registration process, I opted to skip the iTunes registration because I need more clarity about the assigned VPP email address.   (Hopefully I will have a moment tomorrow to contact a specialist)  I decided to turn on the Passcode on the iPad to discourage theft and maintain control of the use of the device.

I turned off the Keyboard Clicks option.  I just can't 
image hearing a classroom full of them during instruction!

I accessed the 'Serial Number' from the settings/general screen.  

Using powerpoint, I created lock/home screens savers and printed each number.  I took a picture of each printed number using each iPad.  For example, I used the iPad that was assigned #5 to take the picture of the above picture.   

This is what the iPad screen looks like once the lock/home screen is applied.   I decided to be a little fancy and include a picture of the school, address and phone number.

I barcoded and entered each iPad in my SOAR/TLC automation system as 'equipment'  Since the iPad will have a flexible silicone cover, I used the extra barcode and adhered it to my printed home screen/screen savers print out.  My plan is to have each print out laminated and placed in a binder.  When the students check out an iPad during class, they will exchange their id for an iPad.  I can scan their id and scan their assigned iPad (the print out) at the beginning of class.

I recorded each iPad's serial number on each print out.  (after I completed all of this work, I realized that I could have performed a screen shot to record the serial number...there's time and I will do this)  

Using the signature option on the Mail/Contact/Calendars screen, I replaced the Apple standard, 'Sent from my iPad' to 'Sent from iPad #5 and the barcode number"  This will help me greatly when students print their work. (we don't have the wireless printing option set up yet)   The catch to making this all work is I must ensure that the students remember their iPad number during the class period.

To ensure that I had recorded and numbered each iPad correctly, 
I re-scanned each iPad using my automation system. 

Using a scratch-free microfiber cloth, I cleaned each iPad screen.   Removing the fingerprints is a must!

The iPad is returned to it's correct slot and plugged back up using the charging/syncling cable.


  1. This is amazing. I am in process of a major entrepreneurial project I would like to inform you on and maybe get you input as well

  2. K.C.,
    This is a great example of using technology in the Library. Hopefully your library will serve as an example of how to prepare students as 21st century learners.

    1. I certainly hope so too. Thanks for your support!

  3. Thanks for sharing this!