May 13, 2012

Skyping With Author Ni-Ni Simone

We Skyped using a Promethean Board and iPad.
This student purchased books at the local
Walmart for her personal library at home
On Friday, May 11th, my students enjoyed a Skype session with author Ni-Ni Simone.  Simone is the popular author of teen books, "Shortie Like Mine," "Teenage Love Affair," and "Upgrade U."  My students and I are just crazy about her books, and looking forward to her new release, "No Boyz Allowed," on July 31st.  
A graduating senior
enjoys the presentation
Many of the girls discussed the challenges of maintaining positive friendships with their peers and finding real love.  They all commented how Simone's characters experienced similar challenges and how their actions helped them personally.   What I loved about this author is that she gave the girls good sound advice in a down to earth manner.  She stressed the importance loving themselves, understanding what makes them special and making good decisions that would affect their lives.  She really listened to what the girls were saying and gave advise to the teens in a non-preaching manner.   This is why many of the students that attended were so 'open' and expressed themselves and their personal feelings.  

Here's a couple of my students that made signs for the event.
If you haven't read a Ni-Ni Simone book, I strongly suggest you do.  Though the books are intended for a teen audience, adults will enjoy them too.  These books are constantly checked out from my library and some of my teaching colleagues have them in their classroom libraries.  In regards to the content of teen books like Simone's,  I often cringe at the lack of realism in the stories.  This is not the case for Simone's teen books.   The stories are true to life, the raw emotions are relatable and some of the situations that teens get themselves into are humorous.   Her books are good reads for book clubs and classroom reads because lively discussions will be derived from the reading.

Many thanks for author Ni-Ni Simone for taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with my students!


  1. Thank you!!!!! This was sooo wonderful. I really enjoyed meeting the girls via Skype!

  2. I love the Ni-Ni Simone books they are so interesting ang keep you coming back for more.I would love to see Ni-Ni Simone so I could get to talk to her about her books.