March 2, 2013

A Special Interview: WGN TV's Gaynor Hall

     The 'Behind the Paws' crew recently interviewed WGN-TV assignment reporter Gaynor Hall.   During her visit to Phillips high school, the students were able to interview this Chicago Public Schools graduate on a number of topics.  

     Hall was gracious and discussed her positive experience while a student at Beasley Elementary and Whitney Young High Schools.   She also shared her rewarding work as a TV reporter and how young people can obtain the experience to prepare them in the field of broadcasting.  Ms Hall really inspired the students!  Her parting words of wisdom:  You can do anything and be anything if you just work hard at it.  

     The interview is featured in the latest episode of the 'Behind the Paws' television show along with several school wide news and announcements.  Please enjoy the video below along with pictures from that day.