April 6, 2014

Meeting a Chicago Legend

On Friday, some of the members of the Behind the Paws student news program met a Chicago legend:  Robin RobinsonFOX-32 News.  Robinson visited Phillips High School on Thursday and Friday to learn more about the Phillips Affinity Leadership Program.  Serving Chicago as a news reporter for over 30 years, Robinson states, "I am having a love affair that just gets better with time."  I think those of you who are Chicagoans will agree, we have had a love affair with Robinson.  She is a trusted and respected news reporter who highlights the positive things that are taking place in Chicago.  
Say cheese Jordan and Myiah
I can remember watching her on the news when I was a teenager.  I felt a sense of pride seeing a brown skinned woman like myself on television representing Chicago's African-American community.  She inspired me to study Television Broadcasting/Journalism in college and I'm certain she has inspired others.  #ClassAct  

Enjoy the pictures below!
Jacari, star athlete, honor student and member of the
Behind the Paws student news program is interviewed by Robinson
Shameless Plug:  My Affinity group,  The GOALDiggers, tied for first place this week!

Robin Robinson's picture and quote courtesy of WFLD-FOX 32 News

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