November 2, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Can You Say Hectic?

Today's post is going to be a compilation of several posts from eight days, some #late and some very current.  I was so busy posting on my other blog, I totally forgot about this one.  In addition, I have four papers and a presentation I need to hammer out this week.  Here we go!

Chicago Public Library's:  Bam! The Power of Comics and Graphics
October 21st
This conference was needed in my life as I am now running a Anime/Manga Club.  Besides the awesome keynote address, my favorite presentation was by CAKE.

Making Mini-Comics

Book Donation
Thank you Lydia Breiseth for the donation of much needed books.  Lydia is the Manager of the Learning of the Media Department at WETA Public Television in Colorin, Colorado.   She read about the Phillips Library Media Center and generously donated books for my avid readers.  On behalf of my students, many-many-many thanks!

Pictures from the School Library Journal Leadership Summit
October 24th-26th
St. Paul, MN
Attending this leadership summit has inspired me greatly.  I am so glad I attended and had the opportunity to meet so many leaders in the school library world.  I can't wait to attend next year!
The Plane
The beautiful hotel
My mother accompanied me on this trip
There I am, talking about the importance of speaking up.
Listening to 'Mr. Minnesota', Dr. Doug Johnson
My friend Karen Latrice made the beautiful cards.
I'm pictured with Dr. Joyce Valenza, Dr. Doug Johnson and
School Library Journal's Librarian of the Year, Michelle Coulte
My mother, SLJ's Executive Editor, Kathy Ishizuka and I
Listening to a presentation

Anime/Manga Club Elections
I am so glad the voting and elections are over with.  The student speeches were a trip!

Turning in their ballots

The Strangest Things Take Place In the Library Media Center
Have you ever really took a look inside of your student's bookbag?  Normally you will find chips, a water bottle, books and other teen items.  One of my students Cameron carries a lint brush everywhere he goes.  Always concerned about his appearance, 'he wants to look good'.

Students Helping Each Other:  
Cameron gives Orlanda a lesson on ironing dress pants with a crease before she heads off to work.
See, you do it like this!
Make sure the iron is set at the correct temperature.
Lunch Periods in the LMC:  Peer Tutoring, Socializing, Computer Access and more.
Social Time
Time for Math XL 

Mistakes Are Made
Why did I say I have a new Galaxy Note 4?  Here you see the children decided to take selfies...with my phone.  
This was taken Friday at dismissal.

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