April 1, 2018

Questions For Parents

Parents today marks the beginning of SCHOOL LIBRARY MONTH and I have a couple of questions for you:

- Is there a circulating school library collection AND certified school librarian at your child’s school?   

- Is that school librarian certified in Library Information Science?   

- How many books were circulated for student check out during the last three months?

- How much free access are student given each week to visit the library and check out books?

- Does the library collection reflect the diverse social, emotional interest and needs of the students?

I’m going to keep it as the kids say, ‘totally 100’ with you.   You will probably receive one of these excuses:

1.  Budget challenges, the librarian and or program is ‘too expensive,’ 

2. We have classroom libraries/accelerated reader, we don’t need a library,

3.  Computers are the future, we want our students to be computer savvy,

4.  We use popular lists, the books the staff members read that were popular will be good for these students we are teaching now!,

5.  We have someone in the library (teacher aides/clerks), the kids can go in there....(I always give the side-eye to this one....🤔)

Studies by Dr. Keith Curry Lance and Dr. Stephen Krashen will argue that schools with certified librarians and well stocked libraries have students who possess heightened life skills and perform better academically on standardized tests.  Moreover, students understand that libraries are a valuable resource and will continue to utilize throughout their collegiate and post-collegiate experience.  

So I ask you this question, do you want a ‘filler’ or a skilled professional instructing  your child?  When you attend that next LSC, PTA or current budget hearing held at your child’s school district board meeting, ask these questions and watch those administrators squirm.   Demand answers.....these are YOUR tax dollars! Transparency and justification should be a professional courtesy provided by the school district.  

....and tell’em Boss Librarian (K.C. Boyd) sent you! #kc_saidit


IN THE STANDARDS remodeling process, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) reviewed Common Beliefs from earlier AASL Standards and official AASL position statements. These documents, and feedback collected from more than 1,300 school librarians and stakeholders nationally, provided AASL with a clear expression of the qualities of well-prepared learners, effective school librarians, and dynamic school libraries. The following Common Beliefs and summary descriptions were identified as central to the profession.

1. The school library is a unique and essential part of a learning community.

2. Qualified school librarians lead effective school libraries.

3. Learners should be prepared for college, career, and life.

4. Reading is the core of personal and academic competency.

5. Intellectual freedom is every learner’s right.

6. Information technologies must be appropriately integrated and equitably available.

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