September 26, 2012

Donations Please!

Recently I posted a plea to my Facebook page for donations of gently used Street Literature books. Thank goodness I have generous friends and colleagues. This morning I picked up 37 books from my friends at another local Chicago Public School! The ladies that are teachers at this school enjoy reading the books within the genre and wanted to make 'room' on their bookshelves at home.

For those of you that are reading this post and are not librarians, I'm going to take you through #BookDonationProcessing mini training.  No, I don't have a library aide and yes, this process can be time consuming.   This is why many Library Media Specialists spend a considerable amount of time behind their circulation desks!  Please try to understand.

I've got to go now because I need to process these books before the students come in during lunch.  Have a good day!

Thank you ladies!  My students and I REALLY appreciate the donation!
Using my district's automation system SOAR, I enter information about the book into the system.
I include the title of the book, author, publishing house, copyright date, call number, collection and price.
Next I add the Phillips barcode label.  This barcode number is assigned to this specific book and allows me to scan
the book for checkout.  This feature comes in handy when I have a line of students during class or lunch periods.
Since the books are jumbled around in the students bookbags,
I place a clear, protective tape over the barcode to further protect the label.
I repeat the process on the inside front cover of the book.
I stamp each book 3 times using the Phillips Library Media Center  stamp.
Last step, I place a call number tab and protective tape on the side of the book.
This call number tab is helpful when locating the book by author (dewey number) on the shelf.
Now the book is ready for circulation!

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