October 25, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

When I first began teaching, my late father and CPS veteran gave me the best advice:  To be a success in the field of education you must,
1.  Have knowledge of your subject matter
2.  Patience
2.  A sense of humor

Well, the third is what I hang onto the most because it make my day go by faster and keeps me motivated.

Here are some things that make me smile everyday.  (please note:  some of the pictures are from Homecoming Spirit Week at Phillips)   Click on the picture to take a closer look.


1.  My students willingness to share fashion, fun with school events and to be themselves.

 2.    My students smile/happiness when they realize they can check out books that are on the displays in the Library Media Center.

 3.    My students love of reading....priceless!

Receipt for books checked out
The student on the right is an avid reader of e-books

4.  Book donations and my growing Street Literature collection....I'm so thankful for them!!!

The most recent donation is from author, Wahida Clark

5.  My students following directions during lunchtime.

LMC Entry Sign-in-sheets
iPad Sign-in-sheets
You want to use a iPad, give up your i.d.
Thank you for removing the finger prints off of your device.

6.    My student's ability to hold strong onto their Republican beliefs....and discuss the issues in the 2012 election intelligently.

7.  Girls reading Anime/Manga!

8.   Students asking for recommended reads.

9.   Students discussing books!

Ms Tillman's Reading Class from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

10.     Finally, a cool pic of my LMC.  Thank you Mr. Rose! 

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