November 27, 2012

Behind the Paws Student News Program

"Behind the Paws" - S1 E1 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

     "Behind the Paws", is a new weekly student produced news program at Phillips High School.  The students will be responsible for editing and producing content presented on this program.  The tasks that lead to the development of such a finished product will include interviewing Phillips personnel, shooting video using iPads, writing stories, and editing video.  The goal of this program is to provide students with the skills to create new material and inform peers with Wildcat news, announcements and other school events on video.  
      I am really proud of my students; they have accepted the challenge of learning how to use iPads and editing software within a short period of time.  Their efforts should be applauded.  Please enjoy the video!

"Behind the Paws" - Season 1, Episode 1
This Segment Includes:
Stories about the Academic Skills Center, John Byrne and Joi Tillman interview.

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