April 10, 2013

School Library Journal Announces the SLBAM Young Adult Winner/Honorees

School Library Journal recently announced the SLBAM Young Adult Winner and honorees.  The Street Lit. Book Award celebrates the best that has been published within the Street Lit. genre each year.  The winners and honorees are based on popularity by readers in school, public and academic libraries.  

The SLBAM committee is comprised of public, school and academic librarians from across the country.  The I'm proud to say that I have served as a committee member since 2010.   The committee members are proud of our contributions to this medal award because it serves as a wonderful resource for librarians as they continue to develop their Street Lit. collections in their libraries.  

To access this year's winners and honorees, adult and young adult, log onto Dr. Vanessa Irvin Morris website StreetLiterature.com.  To access a list of winners and honorees from years past, logon onto SLBAM Historical List.  

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