October 13, 2013

Girls and Technology

Picture courtesy of Google Images
I just love the Young Women's Academy Leadership classes at Phillips.  I just wish this was in place when I was enrolled in high school.  I'm proud of my female students, in particular with their ability to grasp onto new technologies this year.

Yes, my girls rock!  Whether it's their cell phone or a computer, my students definitely know how to use technology.  I've been quietly observing some of the class projects and assignments over the last couple of week and they look really good.  Once the grading quarter is over, I'll share some of them with you.

Until then, here are a couple of pictures of the girls in action.
Students use the Ask3 app in their Leadership Class
to post comments on a discussion thread..
I call this 'Art Meets Technology'.  A student logs onto her classroom
laptop so that she can complete a DO NOW assignment.
What would they do without their cell phones?
Two sisters these Galaxy 3 cases!
Now my girls have influenced me.  The case on the left is mine!

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