October 13, 2013


   A couple of you emailed and wanted to know how I start my day and what my circulation desk/area looks like.  Well here it is!

     I try to begin my day with forgetting all of the things that annoyed me the day before.  Since I'm on the run in the morning, I have to be creative.  Smoothies and my detox drink are my weapon of choice.  As far as what my circulation desk looks like....A HOT MESS!  I'm a solo librarian so I try the best I can to circulate/shelve books, support the curriculum/technology integration and keep a tidy space.
     Here's a couple of pictures I've taken over the last eight weeks that I'm willing to share.

One of my Fall book displays, my students helped me with this one.
The clock is just struggling on the shelf since it had a disagreement with the wall.

Breakfast smoothie:  cucumbers, melons and strawberries.

This is the most uncluttered part of my circulation desk!
My trusty Mac Book Pro and LMC iPads.  I try to drink a jug of my
detox drink of cucumbers, lemons, limes and fresh mint everyday.
One of my new Fall Book Displays.
Some of my students created this one and did a good job!

Pictures of family, friends and former students.
I keep my Librarian bling shirts on display at all times!
Another bling shirt and pictures with various authors and entertainers.
I use this as a conversation piece for my students.
This sign is in support of my football players who are avid readers.
I had to move the football behind the circulation desk.  The boys
were having a little too much fun with it on the floor.

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