August 29, 2014

Marketing Your Library!

I'm wearing a Krazy Kreations
original T-Shirt

My friend, Sabrena
aka Super Library Girl
Yesterday was the Chicago Public Schools annual Back to School Professional Day for Teacher-Librarians.  It was great seeing all of my librarian colleagues but also sad because many have lost their positions due to funding.  My prayer is positions will open up and these librarians will be able to return back to their librarians.  Please say a prayer for them.  Below is one of two presentations I gave.  Enjoy!

Marketing Your Library!
We know that you know all the wonderful things going on inside your library, but does everyone else?  View the steps in promoting your program to your students, administration, staff, and community. Highlights of this session will include free resource you can (and should) use, clever ideas for promoting your program, and how you can use this to document your professional growth and portfolio. 

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