September 6, 2014

Pinterest & College Readiness

     Phillips has a new Pinterest board.  The College Readiness board was created last week as an additional resource for Phillips students.  Articles, videos, memes will be posted weekly for student review.  Also, the members of the Phillips counseling team will also contribute pins to this board.  These boards will serve as a tool for collaboration and I'm really excited about this opportunity. 

    One of the main highlights of the board will be to provide  suggestions on to how to finance college.  Looking back, members of the Class of 2014 were really on the ball.  Throughout the school year, the students submitted several scholarship applications/letters to organizations and businesses across the country.  As a class, they were awarded 2.3 million dollars in scholarship dollars.  The teachers and staff are so proud of these students.  Several of my students who were admitted into multiple schools, just did not have the financial means for school.  The money earned through these scholarships assisted them in making college a reality.   As a staff, our goal is the raise the bar and support the Class of 2015 in raising more money than their predecessors did. 

I debuted the College Readiness board to a group of seniors yesterday and they generally enjoyed the articles.   Check back with us from time to time to see how we are progressing.

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