October 19, 2014

Fall Book Displays

Here's some pictures of my Fall Book Displays!  The Hip-Hop Reader Dolls are the creation of Rose Culley, owner of Marie's Balloons of Park Forest, Illinois.   Also, you will see a picture of me trying to present like Vanna White.  The back story of that book display is I snatched the branches from the Phillips High School trees in the teacher parking lot.  Hey, I wanted the display to look authentic.
My Circulation Desk
I just love the hat!
Check out the earrings!!!
There's no excuse, you can find something to read in the Library Media Center
A simple display on the coffee table
Branch Out....Read Something New
Pinterest is my best friend.  If you look carefully, you will see the branches.
My 'ole school' vampire display
The teeth
How many 'ole school' vampires can you identify on this picture?

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