October 19, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Calendars

It's Sunday morning, time for me to reflect and think about the past week.  I listen to my iTunes gospel mix, power up my computer and write before I go to class.  This morning I want to share with you my struggle with organization.  I fail miserably at this...but I'm pleased to inform you that I'm improving!
A Circulation Desk Selfie
My e-calendar is my best friend....the challenge for me is to STOP and enter what I'm supposed to be doing on the calendar.  Between working with my students, doctoral studies and family, my mind is all over the place.   My calendar helps keep me focused and on task.  My calendar also  informs me through email pop ups and chimes what I need to be doing and where I need to be.
My memory is poor.  I have a hard time remembering ideas, website addresses, names etc.  I saw this meme last week and it help me put it all in perspective:  I'm a liar.   I have to write things down, plain and simple.  As a result of this, I've gone 'ole school' and started using journals like the one below.   I have them everywhere:  next to my bed, in my office, in the car, at the circulation desk and in my backpack.  Since I work with so many Mac products, the Notes feature is also a handy e-tool for me.
I found a box of these blank page journals hidden away in a office at my school.

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning!  That's all for now. 

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