August 13, 2017

Easy Like Sunday Morning: New District + New School = New Adventure

...and so the adventure begins!
This year will hold new adventures for me as a school librarian.  I'm looking forward to developing my library program, working with teachers and having fun along the way.  
I love LYFT
I arrived in town at 3am on the morning of the district's, 'New Teacher Orientation.'   Surprisingly, the lack of sleep did not affect me as I attend the opening session that began at 8:30am.  I got the 'hissing heffers,' Domino and Daisy Lee settled and fed, jumped in the shower/got dressed and called a LYFT to drive me to the orientation.   I did not trust myself to drive because of the lack of sleep.  

Photo Courtesy of Perkins Eastman
The orientation was held at the very beautiful and modern Dunbar High School in the north west area of D.C.   There were greetings from central office staff, the Chancellor of the D.C. Public School System, Antwan Wilson, and the Washington Teacher's Union President, Elizabeth Davis.   Unfortunately by mid-day, the lack of sleep hit me.  As I sat in the cozy chairs in the library, my chin hit my chest and the back of my head crashed against my back...I was tired! 
Common Sense Media

I somehow woke up and attended two more sessions presented by the DCPSS Libraries Department.  I was awake enough to ask allot of questions.  I know I aggravate the heck out of a presenter because I ask a million and one questions so that I'm clear and will be able to proceed forward with my agenda.  I was relieved to learn that the libraries department has adopted the use of Common Sense Media.   If you haven't heard or used Common Sense Media, consider using the site during the upcoming school year because it is a powerful tool for your library program and school.
My New Home!
A couple of days later, I attended my new school's two day, 'New Teacher Orientation.'  The school is absolutely beautiful and majestic with a huge field where the kids play sports and participate in a myriad of activities.  It was great meeting the new and existing staff along with receiving a very defined overview of the school through hands on activities.    This was very important for me because it will help me develop and align my library program with the mission, vision and spirit of the school.                
One of the staff members commented that they were a little embarrassed by the appearance of the library and items temporarily stored in front of some of the book cases.  My response was, 'I've seen 100 times worst, and no worries - I'm a librarian and this is what I do!"   I'll post before and after pictures in the weeks to come.  If it's one thing I love to do is set up libraries including book displays kids will love for student use.  

So in one week I experienced some firsts:  New District, New School and changing a baby's diaper for the first time in 20 years!!!

Until next time!

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