March 2, 2012

Boys and Books

*Please note:  To protect the privacy of my student in this article, he will be called Lawrence.  
Advertising for the Anime Club
As long as I have served as a school librarian, there has always been that debate about boys and books. How do we get them to read?  Currently two genres that are extremely hot at my school are Anime/Manga Novels and Street Lit.  While some of my peers in education frown on the use of these books, I don't and nor do I care.   My students who were once non-readers are reading now and for this I am happy.

Some of the favorite Anime/Manga Novel titles are Bleach, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cirque-du-Freak and Dragon Ball-Z.   In addition to these titles, the male students enjoy the, "How to Draw Manga" types of books.    One of my regulars *Lawrence, is now recruiting students to join the new Anime Club at Phillips.  The picture above describes his clever way of advertising the club on the back of his bookbag.
Which book am I going to read over the three day weekend???
Lately more male students have been checking out books from the Street Lit. genre.  New books by Tracey Brown, Paul Volponi, Tu-Shonda Whitaker and K'Wan have been checked out heavily.  What I find very interesting is that more male students are enjoying books written by the Street Lit. great, Donald Goines.  The fast paced and realistic tales are attractive reads for this group of readers.   Do they come back for more?  Yes they do!

Have a great weekend!

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