March 1, 2012

Security and Excitement

Several days after learning that I had won the VITAL grant, I began to think about the security of the equipment.  I have a back office that locks in the LMC but I still wanted the extra security in place. After speaking with my Principal, Technology Coordinator and School Engineer, the decision was made to install a metal door that would slide over the office door (see the picture).   Thank you Mr. Sota, Master of the Drill!!!

I'm now in the process of barcoding all of the devices.  This will help me greatly to maintain some order, accountability and my sanity when circulating.  I also see barcoding as a great way to track the usage of each device.  My hope is that this data can be included in my monthly report for my administration.

As you can see, two of my junior students are excited about the arrival of the NOOKs.  Neither have ever used this device and they are ready to get started after the first download.  Currently I have 15 students that will be attending the upcoming information meeting about the NOOK Street Literature Club at Phillips.

Stay Tuned!

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