May 9, 2013

"Breaking The Cycle"

I shared the video below with a couple of fellow 'Warrior Librarians' earlier this week.  After much encouragement from Dr. Vanessa Irvin Morris, I decided post the video here so that everyone could view it.  

My students tackling a difficult subject
My co-worker Ms Banks recently assigned her freshman writing class an interesting project.  The students were instructed to work in teams and create a persuasive advertising commercial.   The concept was solely the students as Ms Banks allowed them to be creative.  These students worked for weeks developing the concept/script  and used the Library Media Center iPads to shoot their commercials.  One group in particular, created a powerful commercial that brought tears to the eyes of some of the staff members at Phillips High School.

The honest fact is that students in today's society are dealing with real issues.  Sometimes these issues affect their behavior, self-worth and overall view of life.  Though very raw in presentation, the message is very clear.  I was not a part of the creation of the skit with the students and Ms Banks, I merely collaborated with them to edit the video in post-production.   Also if you look carefully, you will see Ms Banks standing behind the glass partition observing the students shooting the video. 

I hope you will enjoy this presentation and please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section of this post.  All comments will shared with the students.

Banks Project #11 from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.


  1. Loved it. You all should read Angela Johnson's "first Part Last." A neat story about a boy who takes care of his cild.