May 19, 2013

Screen Chomp App

Mi Comida Favorita - Desiree and Janel from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.

Here's a cool lesson that may be of interest to you.  Earlier this year, I collaborated with Mrs. Vinluan, who teaches Spanish I at my school.  The goal was to extend the classroom lesson into a digital project where the students could record their voices.  When this was first presented to me, I immediately thought about Screen Chomp.  It's free, very easy to use and can post completed projects to the internet, video hosting channel or the camera roll.  Plus, with various levels of iPad experience in her classes, we both decided that it would be easier to use the very basic screen annotating app.

The students were assigned a simple project which was to identify their favorite family member and describe one of the following:
- why this person(s) is special to them
- characteristics of this person (relationship, age etc.)
- something unique about this person

Mi Familiar Spanish Project - Erianna from WPAHS Video Page on Vimeo.
The challenge for this project was to use the Screen Chomp iPad app and record their narrative in Spanish correctly.  Students created their narrative and used Avancemos online as a reference tool to check their work. The students also had to select one picture of their choice that they would use for their project.  Annotating the screen was optional for the completion of this project.  The students presented their final projects in class using the classroom Promethean Board.

A couple of students completed their project early and were encouraged to record an additional  project.  Students selected their favorite food of their choice and identified an English to Spanish matching game online to annotate.  The worksheet used in the video was converted to a pdf and imported into Screen Chomp for use.

The overall goal of these projects was to demonstrate the growth of students who have been introduced to the Spanish language.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with using Screen Chomp! The students did a great job of sharing their learning of the Spanish language!