May 19, 2013

Meeting the Mayor of Chicago

Greeting students
The Behind the Paws crew recently attended a ground breaking ceremony at Mandrake Park, a Chicago Park District football field.  This field is part of a multi-million dollar project paid by the city of Chicago.  The field has a sophisticated drainage system and is constructed of astro turf.  Phillips High School is especially excited because we are one in several high schools in the area that will be permitted to schedule sports games/activities.  Finally, students, parents and supporters of Phillips can remain on 39th street and enjoy games in our school neighborhood.
Mayor Emanuel asked, "What are you doing with the iPads?"

Mayor Rahm Emanuel greeted students, took pictures and spoke at the ground breaking ceremony.  My students, Ariel, Orlanda and Savannah had the opportunity to speak and take pictures with the Mayor.  I'm so happy that they were able to experience meeting the Mayor.  Most importantly, they now have an interesting talking point on their resume.....  :-).   Please enjoy the pictures!
Nothing but smiles!

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