January 27, 2014

CPS Tech Talk - Part II

     I have been giving presentations for years at the local, state and national level.  I've always checked and re-checked my bag to make sure that I had all of my presentation aides and materials.  Unfortunately this time and with the slip of the fingers,  I uploaded the wrong presentation and had to go off of 'my memory' to complete my second presentation of the day.  Believe me this was not a good move as my memory is extremely poor!
     With that said, here is the presentation that should have been uploaded to my slideshare cloud account and presented to the attendees who came to my session.  Hopefully you will enjoy the presentation and recognize that school librarians are already implementing Common Core Standards in their daily lessons.  Just remember to share the AASL Crosswalk for Common Core with your principal, use some of the resources provided in the presentation and take a deep breath.  It's going to take a minute for all of the members of the learning community to understand your role and the indelible impact you will make on student achievement through Common Core.

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