January 30, 2014

The Art of #Repost

I love to #Repost...especially on Twitter!
I'm up every morning at 4:30am reading online and learning new things.  Whether it be on my iPhone, my trusty iPad mini or desktop, reading professional articles provides me with more knowledge, direction during confusing times and inspiration to strive for better for my students.  
     Often times, something that is written by another person will grab my interest touch my heart or add fuel to it internal burning fire of an issue that I'm dealing with.   I normally don't #Repost other blogs on my blog but in this case, I just couldn't resist.

#Repost - Diane Ravitch recently posted a speech given by Principal Frank Sutliff.  Sutliff is also the President of SAANYS (School Administrators Association of New York State) and a former librarian.  This speech was delivered to a crowd of concerned citizens and educators at the Oneonta (New York) Forum on January 18m 2014.   

My favorite quote of the article was of course librarian centered:
“I know that I loved reading due to the worlds that it opened; I also know that our so called close readings of prescribed documents and passages will not open up that same love of literature in today’s students.”

Man did he ever hit that one out of the park!  Just read the ENTIRE speech, you will not be disappointed.  Remember, feel free to #Repost.

Diane Ravitch Blog
"A Principal Eloquently Denounces Common Core and Race to the Top"

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