February 2, 2014

Providing the Service That Counts

     Three years ago I posted a very personal presentation describing, "Why I Am A Librarian". Three years later with school libraries under attack, I felt it was time to update the presentation.  Often times I'm so busy with my students, books and learning/applying new technologies,  I don't articulate well what I do.  I'm guilty....I do a very poor job describing accurately what I do with print and non-print material.  Along with encouraging the love of reading, my job now consists of using technology to instruct, create and enhance lessons taught in the classroom.
That's me reviewing my students
'Behind the Paws' Twitter Activity
     Honestly, if you were to pass by my Library Media Center doors during the day you will think that all I do is sit behind my desk.  Not true, that glance of me behind the desk is only a snapshot of the numerous tasks that I complete in a day, week and month!   "School Library Media Specialists:  Providing the Service That Counts" accurately describes the work I do every day through technology supporting my fellow Library Media Specialists and serving the students and staff at my school.   If you would like to view the videos from some of the slides, just copy and paste the website address from the presentation into the address bar and the video will load.
     I am a school Library Media Specialist and I love what I do!

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