February 3, 2014

Pinterest and Black History Month

While watching Dr. Henry Louis Gates encore presentation of 'Many Rivers to Cross', I decided to create a new board on my Pinterest account.    The Black History Month Pinterest board highlights the achievements of African-Americans in American history and abroad.  You will find pictures, articles, school lessons and videos on this page that celebrates African-Americans.  There's also a little humor along with little known facts about people and events.

Pinterest is a social website where users can create, share and categorize images found online.   Users 'pin' items that are of 'interest' to them; this is why its named:  Pinterest.   Watch this cool tutorial video about the popular social media application here:  Pinterest Tutorial.    If you are still on the fence about Pinterest, access their Frequently Asked Questions page learn more about this site.  To fully enjoy the website, you must register and join which takes less than three minutes.

Like many, when I first joined Pinterest I merely viewed popular pins.  Eventually I because more comfortable with the site and began to create my own boards and re-pin items that were of interest to me.  Some of my boards are more developed than others, mainly because I'm enjoying other people's pins.  The one thing I enjoy about Pinterest the most is it serves as kind of a online locker for my interests and I can access them at any time.  Here's a screenshot of my board below.  There are over 200 pins about the subject of Black History.  Enjoy!

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