March 3, 2014

Garage Band Anyone?

My co-worker Mr. Simpson has mastered the use of the Garage Band app.  Last month, when he approached me about team teaching a lesson, using the app I jumped at it.  I looked at it as an opportunity to learn something new with a tutor sitting by my side.    The only glitch I had was, my inability to load all of the iPads with the app due to a CPS tech issue.  Otherwise the some classes had to share the devices and it worked out pretty well.

The students had to create a 8 measure 'back beat'.  These beats would be used as a background beat for the class song.  Some classes used the acoustic guitar while others used the smart guitar.  Was it noisy in the Library Media Center, yes but I didn't mind.  The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  The final project was uploaded to for grading.  Some of the students really created some interesting beats and in some cases Mr. Simpson and I were pleasantly surprised with the level of genius on the part of the students.

Within the first five minutes of the lesson, Mr. Simpson had the students hooked in.  The students were interested, smiling, laughing and eager to be creative.   There were students who seemed to 'come to life' before my eyes because they could creative their own song and share it with others.

Below is a video highlighting a couple of periods where students used the apps and spoke very candidly on camera about the lesson.  Mr. Simpson and I plan on working with the students again this week.  Stay tuned for more music from these classes.

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  1. I am interested in doing something like this with my students. Can you share with me how to begin and possible end. I can be reached by email at Thanks in advance for your help.