March 23, 2014

Funny Stories

I often share funny stories about my students and events that take place in my Library Media Center with my family.  Here's two doozies for you.

Teens are always eating/snacking on something.  Normally I have to deal with my students eating chips  and sunflower seeds.  I caught one of my favorite students making a bee-line to the lab with her class with a box of Trix under her arm.  She swore she wasn't going to eat it while she was in the lab.  I guess I was born yesterday.  You can see the look of surprise on her face when I took the cereal and informed her she could get it after dismissal.  

Pure comedy!

This one took the cake.  

This year I began making really elaborate book displays.  I have a 'DIVA' book display by the front door of the LMC where I showcase books that appeal to teen girls.  'Wendy' as I call her is super chic, glasses, boa and all.  She even sports one of my old lace front human hair wigs.   The girls enjoy playing with the hair while checking out the books on the display.

During a week's visit in the LMC, a all male leadership class used the wig to shoot a public service announcement on the iPads.  After three class periods, the wig disappeared and no one knew what happened to the wig.  Fingers were pointing and no one was talking...typical right.  Wendy had to sport a stylish headscarf for about a week.  Finally a teacher on the other side of the building remembered that I had the display and informed me that he found the wig.  One of the school's jokesters was caught wearing the wig in his class as a joke.    When I got the wig back, it was matted and tangled.  Well, Wendy's wig is back, she's looking chic and the wig is glued to her head.

Teenage Boys!!!!

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