May 8, 2014

For Challenged Readers, Custom-Tailored Texts

Last month I was quoted in an Education Week article about struggling readers.  I discussed how I use genres that my students are interested in to spark an interest in reading.  I really embrace ALA's Freedom to Read Statement in my Library Media Center but it is so difficult implement.  With Common Core State Standards mandates just around the corner, I believe 'freedom of choice' will be challenged heavily.   The group of students I feel that will be most impacted are my struggling readers.  These students who I call, 'Re-Emergent Readers' are now embracing reading and enjoying it.  It looks like student learning will be interrupted for test preparation and assessment.....sigh.

Despite these obstacles, I'm still going to find a way to deliver books of interest to my students.  Enjoy the article.
For Challenged Readers, Custom-Tailored Texts

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