July 29, 2014

Citations Citations Citations!!!

 Every day at the NASA All-Stars Summer program is an adventure!

There is an old saying, 'You learn something new every day." Well, that statement is so true.  Today my colleague Ms Wetzel had a interesting conversation with  NASA All-Stars program director, Dr. Don York, about citations.   During this conversation she learned something very interesting:   Astronomers use their own citation style.  Yes, there is a citation style used specifically by Astronomers!   Interesting right?  After a little research, she found the American Astronomical Society's website and found a guide sheet to assist the students with their citations.

The video below is a short iMovie I created that kind of represents the type of day we had.  It's just for fun!

 By the way, since I'm on the topic of citations, here's a cool article about citing Tweets posted on Twitter I found a couple of months ago:  

'How to Cite Tweets in an Academic Paper'
MLA and APA prepare for the future of the academic citation.

Source Citation
AAS Journal Reference Instructions | American Astronomical Society                                                                                          


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