July 11, 2014

Learning How To Code A Meme

Early morning selfie
I've been attending the first ever Mouse Squad Mozilla Webmaker Summer Institute for the last two days.  The Webmaker Institute is being held at New York University - MAGNET located in Brooklyn, New York.  I've learned so much about coding, creating meme's from scratch, using Moziilla Popcorn Marker and digital literacy.  Mouse Squad and Mozilla Software trainers are leading each hands on activity for 15 educators that have traveled here from across the country.  Here's a couple of pictures including my first meme I created from scratch.  Overall, this has been a great learning experience and I'm glad I participated.
Mouse Squad I.D.

I coded this meme!
I can't wait to show my students how to use Mozilla PopcornMaker
Group share out time.

I need more practice using Thimble!

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