March 3, 2015

Making Animation Videos!

After several weeks, the Anime/Manga Club's meetings have resumed.   Club members decided to extend their meeting time and met online and at teen venues around the city/suburbs.    The website is finally done and the students are proud.....I'm proud of them!  Check out their work here:

During the last two meetings, we covered allot!  Here's some pictures and video from these meetings and I hope you enjoy them all!

Each meeting begins with a review of the updates on the Anime/Manga Club website.

For Black History month, the students viewed and discussed African-Americans in Anime and watched this video.

They ate pizza!

Then they listened to a lesson led by their classmate, Jordan.  
Today's assignment:  perfect using the Animation Creator HD iPad app.

They received their iPads and stylus and started working!

Here's video from the last two meetings.  Enjoy!

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