March 15, 2015

My Busy Week!

Last week was so busy!  Here's a day by day breakdown:

Sunday:  Reflection
Still overcome with emotion after watching the #Selma50 celebrations on C-Span

I snapped this picture when I was getting my locs maintained.  #SoInspiring

Monday:  Wake Up!
The big reveal took place:  I was named a 2015 Library Journal 'Mover and Shaker.'  Huge honor!

Updating the Phillips Twitter page, listening to Bob and drinking coffee

Anime/Manga Club Meeting:  The students are working on their next project, and I'm the subject!!!

Yup, they are up to something!

Selfie Tuesday!  
Here's a couple of pictures

I found my glasses, Tuesday is a good day!

My students just love coming into my personal space.

Fortee' is way to comfortable on top of my library table!!!

Good news and tears

I received some really good news from CPS.  Stay tuned!

When these kids graduate in June, I'm going to lose it.  #EmptyNester

Technology Thursday 
So happy to see my Techie Girl Rebekah today!

Friday, March 13th is National Digital Learning Day!  See Phillips video below!

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