January 20, 2016

A New Discovery: Aquarium Music

A New Discovery and Tip of the Week:  YouTube's Aquarium Music

     For the past two weeks I've been out of my office and working  at a school in my new school district.  The librarian is new and we are working side by side to manually import marc records and other books into her new Alexandria circulation system.   

     For music and relaxation for her students, she plays aquarium music found on YouTube.com.  In YouTube's search menu, type in 'aquarium music' and you will find several videos to choose from.
     Let me tell you it's addicting.  I've always used classical and gospel music in my libraries.   I've observed that the kids love it, and I have grown to love it too.  When you are sitting in her library, you can watch a beautiful array of tropical fish swim gracefully across the screen.  The music isn't over the top, it's soothing and best used when played at a low level.  

     View one of the videos below and enjoy!

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