January 4, 2016

New Opportunity...

East St. Louis, Illinois:  City of Champions
     July 2015, I was presented with an opportunity that I couldn't turn down:  Serving as a district librarian.  I interviewed for the position and was offered the opportunity to serve in a hybrid administration/high school position that began in August of 2015.
     It was difficult saying goodbye to a great group of Phillips students, teachers and community members.  The blessing is:  I still have a relationship with the students, in particular my Anime/Manga Club Members.   I am now the Lead Library Media Specialist for East St. Louis School District #189 in East St. Louis, Illinois.  Previous posts from Wendell Phillips Academy High School can still be viewed.  Those experiences were valuable and are precious memories.  

     I hope that you will follow me as I rebuild the high school library, support a great group of librarians and help integrate print/technology resources into the district.  Most importantly:  Getting kids excited about reading is what I'm committed to executing.   I'm excited about this opportunity and I hope you will follow me as I begin a new journey in school librarianship.
My New Home!


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