September 2, 2013

Pinterest & School Librarians

Pinterest is my relaxing 'after work' activity.  Simply put, Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.  In my case it can range from libraries/reading to make-up and anything just depends on what kind of mood I am in.  

I began using Pinterest last year after attending the CPS iPad Academy Technology Conference.   I met some teachers from Wisconsin who were heavy 'pinners' and they encouraged me to try it the popular site.  I've been hooked ever since.  I have this app on my cell phone, iPad and desktop computer.  

The really cool thing is that there is a large school library community on Pinterest.  This has been extremely helpful to me because I'm always looking to expand my Personal Learning Network beyond blogging.  This year, Pinterest has helped me improve my library displays.  Check out two of my boards, Library Displays and Library Bulletin Boards on my Pinterest page.  These pages influence the displays and bulletin boards below.
That's real popcorn glued to a piece of paper
Very simple displays, baskets from the dollar store
People often think I'm only familiar with Street Literature.  Not true!
School information infused with e-cards
My alma mater Southern University and A&M College in Louisiana
Making use of my wig stand from home!

My students love the Chicago Bears
This display is important.  Some of my freshman students did not have the experience of working
with a Librarian while enrolled in elementary school.  These pictures of me with popular
 authors, social media and pro library signage really helps.
I finally made use of the electronic picture frame that was given to me five years ago!!!
This is my little LOVE display next to the front door.

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