September 19, 2013

VINE @Phillips HS

     I'm trying my best to get my students to be creative when using social media.  Today I had a discussion with a group of seniors who use the popular social media site, VINE.  Instead of producing the typical slapstick VINE video, I instead encouraged them to create one about the library media center.

     Below is the video that the seniors produced called, "The Whisper Song"  (no....not the Ying Yang Twins version...LOL!)  It's fun and just plain silly.  They are reading Hype Hair magazine,  trying to keep a level 1 voice...while one sings 'Whisper' in a church voice.

Just laugh, they are only 17 years old, it's social media and they are having fun.

We are just beginning to post to VINE.  My ultimate dream is to have my students produce VINE videos like my Twitter pal, Jodi Morgetron.  Check out her blog post about VINE-VIMEO and MacBeth on her blog, .


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