October 21, 2014

Thank You Jesse Sharkey

Jesse Sharkey
    Last night, Chicago Teacher's Union Vice-President Jesse Sharkey appeared on Chicago Tonight, a public affairs program on Chicago's WTTW television station.  During this segment, he supported Chicago Public Schools teacher-librarians by emphasizing the importance of a professionally staffed library, the instructional program and the maintaining a curated collection.  I've provided the minute mark below so you can listen to both comments, just click the link below.  
4:27 minute mark
7:57 minute mark

Jessie Sharkey with Chicago Tonight's
Brandis Friedman

October 19, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Calendars

It's Sunday morning, time for me to reflect and think about the past week.  I listen to my iTunes gospel mix, power up my computer and write before I go to class.  This morning I want to share with you my struggle with organization.  I fail miserably at this...but I'm pleased to inform you that I'm improving!
A Circulation Desk Selfie
My e-calendar is my best friend....the challenge for me is to STOP and enter what I'm supposed to be doing on the calendar.  Between working with my students, doctoral studies and family, my mind is all over the place.   My calendar helps keep me focused and on task.  My calendar also  informs me through email pop ups and chimes what I need to be doing and where I need to be.
My memory is poor.  I have a hard time remembering ideas, website addresses, names etc.  I saw this meme last week and it help me put it all in perspective:  I'm a liar.   I have to write things down, plain and simple.  As a result of this, I've gone 'ole school' and started using journals like the one below.   I have them everywhere:  next to my bed, in my office, in the car, at the circulation desk and in my backpack.  Since I work with so many Mac products, the Notes feature is also a handy e-tool for me.
I found a box of these blank page journals hidden away in a office at my school.

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning!  That's all for now. 

Homecoming Week 2014

The students had so much fun during Homecoming (Spirit) Week 2014.  Here's just a couple of pictures from Twin Day, Nerd Day and Crazy Hair Day:

 The Behind the Paws crew members took pictures highlighting each day's theme.  At the end of this video, the students also created a mini-music video highlighting the lastest dance craze in Chicago, 'Boppin'.    The video was played during the Homecoming Assembly on Friday.  Enjoy!

Fall Book Displays

Here's some pictures of my Fall Book Displays!  The Hip-Hop Reader Dolls are the creation of Rose Culley, owner of Marie's Balloons of Park Forest, Illinois.   Also, you will see a picture of me trying to present like Vanna White.  The back story of that book display is I snatched the branches from the Phillips High School trees in the teacher parking lot.  Hey, I wanted the display to look authentic.
My Circulation Desk
I just love the hat!
Check out the earrings!!!
There's no excuse, you can find something to read in the Library Media Center
A simple display on the coffee table
Branch Out....Read Something New
Pinterest is my best friend.  If you look carefully, you will see the branches.
My 'ole school' vampire display
The teeth
How many 'ole school' vampires can you identify on this picture?

What I Am Reading Now

Doctoral Life:  I'm currently reading Carol Collier Kuhlthau's book, "Seeking Meaning:  A Process Approach to Library and Information Services" 1st edition (Chapter 3).    Kuhlthau is the Professor Emerita of Library and Information Science at Rutgers University.
     The book focuses on the Information Search Process (ISP) which is a six stage model of the users’ holistic experience in the process of information seeking.  The ISP model, based on two decades of empirical research, identifies three realms of experience: the affective (feelings), the cognitive (thoughts) and the physical (actions) common to each stage.    This book was extremely helpful for me because I recently wrote a paper about the  Constructivist Metatheory Approach and the Information Search Process.

Thank You!

Finding books on a limited budget that my advanced readers will enjoy has been challenging this year.   I'm so happy that my students are reading heavily, but the problem is I can't keep up.  

Last week I had received a box full of donated books from Chicago author, Darrin Lowery.   He said that he had read a post on author Treasure Blue's Facebook page about me and the work I do to get teens reading.  His 'Congratulations' series is about real life events that take place in Chicago that my students can relate to.  The response to the books has been very positive.  My students are enjoying reading a story where their hometown Chicago is used as the backdrop.  A young lady read one of the books in two days and came back for another one.   Mr. Lowery all I can say is...
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Behind the Paws

Here's the latest episode of Behind the Paws.  I know this is a late post but Homecoming Week had me distracted!!!

October 13, 2014

Sick and Shut In

I love my Wonder Woman mug.
Monday while serving pizza for my new Anime/Manga Club, I picked up a gift from the kids:  A Cold.   This bug left me congested, weak and was the worst I've experienced in a long time.   After a couple of doses of anti-biotics and drinking Tumeric plant teas, I feel a little better.

I'm happy to share some statistics from my September Monthly Report I submit to my administration.
     701 books circulated (check-outs and renewals)
1,249 students visited the Library Media Center

That's all for now, I'm going back to bed.

My junky but functional circulation desk.

October 5, 2014

Conversations at the Circulation Desk #4

Conversations at the Circulation Desk is an ongoing series that celebrates the teen mind, voice and spirit.  in this episode, three seniors are providing 'Teen' Reader's Advisory for a junior level student.  Nikki Carter and Kelli London books are referenced heavily in this video.  #HowILibrary

Read more about both of these authors here:

The Brown Bookshelf:  Day 21 - Nikki Carter
Sormag Blog:  Featured Author, Kelli London

Weekend Reading

My morning began at 5:00am.  Reading, writing
and drinking Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica.
This was really a good book!  I'm writing a review
for this author sometime later today.
Friends come in the Library Media Center
to check out books for the weekend.
I just love receiving new books in the mail.

Behind the Paws!

We made it to season three of Behind the Paws!  This is a student news program that is shot and produced using iPads and my trusty Library Media Center's Mac Book Pro's.

I'm a little late posting this episode and since it's airing, our Wildcat football team has defeated King High School 35-0....Goooooo Wildcats!  Erianna and Tyray and both seniors are have been BTP crew members since their sophomore year.  Please enjoy this episode and send the students a message on their Twitter page, @PhillipsHSBTP


- Books students read that they are familiar with
- Books students read that challenge them
- Books students read for pleasure

A professionally trained Library Media Specialist can provide Readers Advisory for struggling and emergent readers.  Fund Library positions and put these trained content specialist back in the Library where they belong.

"Reading is the gateway skill that makes ALL learning possible" 
                                     - Barack Obama - ALA Convention, 2005 (Chicago)

October 2, 2014


Still can't believe it.  Thank you School Library Journal's Mahnaz Dar, Kathy Ishizuka, Mark Tuchman and photographer, Alex Garcia for this experience.  Still can't believe it....

Chicago Hope: High School Librarian K.C. Boyd  
By Mahnaz Dar

Old School Street Literature

Working on my Doctorate in in Library Science had been so interesting so far.  As far as my dissertation subject, in leaning toward researching Street Literature.  Here's two books I found in my university's library.  Facinating right?

New Books

There's one thing I absolutely love:  new books!  I picked up these gems from my complex's mailroom yesterday.  Can't wait to get them processed and on display today.  

It's Fall!

Here's a quick book display I scrambled to put together after Banned Books Week.