March 31, 2015

New Faces, New Episode!

After a long absence, the Phillips 'Behind the Paws' crew has produced a new episode.

  • New Faces
  • New Music
  • New Animation
  • New Bloopers
Special thanks to Mrs. Kaushal for being so flexible during her interview!


March 17, 2015

Treated as a Professional

I'll just let this hang here.

March 16, 2015

School Library Month

School Library Month Is Right Around the Corner....
How Will You and Your Students Celebrate?

Cool Library Quote

'When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully: the church, which belongs to God and the public library, which belongs to you. The public library is a great equalizer.'
                                                                                                 Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones

March 15, 2015

Inspirational Memes

Here's a couple of my fav inspirational memes.  Enjoy!


My Busy Week!

Last week was so busy!  Here's a day by day breakdown:

Sunday:  Reflection
Still overcome with emotion after watching the #Selma50 celebrations on C-Span

I snapped this picture when I was getting my locs maintained.  #SoInspiring

Monday:  Wake Up!
The big reveal took place:  I was named a 2015 Library Journal 'Mover and Shaker.'  Huge honor!

Updating the Phillips Twitter page, listening to Bob and drinking coffee

Anime/Manga Club Meeting:  The students are working on their next project, and I'm the subject!!!

Yup, they are up to something!

Selfie Tuesday!  
Here's a couple of pictures

I found my glasses, Tuesday is a good day!

My students just love coming into my personal space.

Fortee' is way to comfortable on top of my library table!!!

Good news and tears

I received some really good news from CPS.  Stay tuned!

When these kids graduate in June, I'm going to lose it.  #EmptyNester

Technology Thursday 
So happy to see my Techie Girl Rebekah today!

Friday, March 13th is National Digital Learning Day!  See Phillips video below!

March 12, 2015

Urban Fiction/Street Literature....The Debate Continues

    Yesterday I was informed that there was an interesting discussion about Urban Fiction/Street Literature on the YALSA listserv. After reading the posts and sleeping on it, I decided to put in my two cents.

  I've been using and advocating the use of the genre of Urban Fiction/Street Literature for over 10 years with allot of successes. I pride myself on having a healthy mix of teen friendly and adult Street Lit. books for my teen readers. Regardless of how one may feel about this genre, it's here to stay. 

My student Rebekah describes what Street Lit. means to her and her classmates who live in the Bronzeville neighborhood in Chicago.

My Final Thoughts About Urban Fiction/Street Lit.

1. All stories have VALUE, regardless of the lens/perspective it's told from.

2. Who are any of us (librarians/libraries) to say Urban Fiction is not a genre?

3. Urban Fiction is a genre and Street Literature is a sub-genre of Urban Fiction, both should be respected as such.

4. Urban Fiction is a genre that should be in all library collections for teens and adults. As should other books about various subjects and cultures.

5. To make excuses (I've heard many of them) not to include them is just plain sad and a disservice to your patrons.

6. Urban Fiction is a genre that should not be ignored by librarians. This genre has served as a catalyst to jump start reluctant readers to read more frequently.

7. Urban Fiction has provided a pipeline for readers to learn/understand communities unlike their

8. From my personal experience, many critics of Urban Fiction have not bothered to either read not just one book, but a body of work representing various authors and reading levels.

9. Many critics of Urban Fiction just don't understand it. Just think about it: What happens when we don't understand something....We reject it.

10. Many librarians have Young Adult Urban Fiction and Street Literature books within their collections, and are unaware of their genre classification.

 If you would like to read more on this subject of Urban Fiction/Street Literature you can read my blog post on my other blog, MissDomino.BlogSpot

"Street Lit. Writers Must Be Heard" 

Another post that should be read is Amy Koester's blog post,
"Selection is Privilege"

March 3, 2015

Making Animation Videos!

After several weeks, the Anime/Manga Club's meetings have resumed.   Club members decided to extend their meeting time and met online and at teen venues around the city/suburbs.    The website is finally done and the students are proud.....I'm proud of them!  Check out their work here:

During the last two meetings, we covered allot!  Here's some pictures and video from these meetings and I hope you enjoy them all!

Each meeting begins with a review of the updates on the Anime/Manga Club website.

For Black History month, the students viewed and discussed African-Americans in Anime and watched this video.

They ate pizza!

Then they listened to a lesson led by their classmate, Jordan.  
Today's assignment:  perfect using the Animation Creator HD iPad app.

They received their iPads and stylus and started working!

Here's video from the last two meetings.  Enjoy!